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Require help connecting with businesses to generate leads and convert them into revenues?

Introrix Technology can be the one-stop solution for all your business needs.



In this age, the world is becoming digital with every passing day. It is the requirement of every business to stay connected. And for that, it is essential to be robust in information and technology (IT). This requirement is driving the IT services industry across the globe.


One of the most important things that people need while moving to a foreign country is the currency of that place. Therefore, as a foreign exchange service provider, you have excellent opportunity to expand your business.

As affiliates, we at Introrix Technology ensure that you can run the business in foreign exchange and get the required customers. This ensures that your business flourishes and you can generate revenues all the while.

Who we are?

Established in 2019 as a startup, we at Introrix Technology partner with organizations across various industries and help them get business through our Digital Marketing platform. We help businesses connect with their end customers, which help them spread their wings and glide forward.

We have a team of 100 people working for you round the clock to provide you with your business requirements. No matter whether you are a Reseller or an end user, we take care of your business requirements as per your subscriptions.

What We Do?

At Introrix Technology, we function as an Affiliate to help your business grow and increase quality traffic to your website. We have a large number of databases for end customers across various industries. We also work as consultants and help businesses move forward with great strides. The traffic we generate for your business helps you both as a Reseller and as an End customer to expand your business and move forward with great strides.

We also offer a complete Software System for our partners to help them keep a track of their traffic and payments. We do platform integrations and build a world-class Cashier system special for our Forex Partners. Our IT consultants have expertise in managing CRM and developing various customized tools, which help you keep a track of your Online business.


Affiliate marketing can be treated as an off-shoot of influencer marketing. It too relies on the influence of people to bring in sales. 

It is a type of performance-based promotion in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer that is brought by the affiliate’s own marketing strategy, technology and efforts.

Since the whole sector of affiliate marketing has matured over the years, we have adapted too. We, have refined our terms and condition to exclude you from spamming.

To avoid this cataloguing, we, as webmasters craft quality content that sets us apart from other competitions ,as well keeping us in safe distance from spammers( which only contain links leading to merchant sites)